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Far More Pictures offers video editing services to suit your every unique need. With over half a decade of experience, Far More Pictures promises to deliver high-quality video editing service to produce a video that you will be proud to play over and over again.


Far More Pictures, a video editing company offers outsourcing options to entrepreneurs in both large and small companies, corporate needs such as training and product videos, short film makers, documentary producers, news agencies as well as individual videos like weddings, birthdays and holiday videos.


We maintain a top tier infrastructure featuring 50Mbps dedicated bandwidth, and the latest video editing software. Our flexible pricing is based on hourly or FTE pricing plans.




Have you ever thought of what makes you remember a certain movie or TV show? Of course, it’s the story being told, you’ll say. But what about movies such as Goldfinger, Seven and Snatch? What’s the first thing that comes to mind? We are pretty sure their opening title sequences stick out for many of you.




The sound editor’s job begins once the movie has been filmed and all the dialogue has been recorded. This is called the audio post production stage of filmmaking. During postproduction, the director works with various editors to choose the best shots to include in the final cut of the film. This is also when all special effects are added. The sound editor’s responsibilities are to prepare all dialogue, background sounds, sound effects and music for the final mix.

FM Pictures works with the best sound engineers and composers to develop the best sound.


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